All of you who want to take photos like a professional photographer will have to know how to use their camera and to own one that can meet the requirements. Here we have Sony A6000 camera. It is one of the best units you can get today and it is capable of taking amazing photos. The thing is, how you can take the best photos? The secret is in the tips and fact you must know.

Use silent shooting mode to take photos incognito

How many times you wanted to take a shot of an animal, but it heard the shutter sound and escaped? Probably many times. The problem is in the sound a camera makes, obviously. With Sony A6000, you can choose the silent mode, which completely eliminates the sound. Thanks to the feature, you can take photos like you are agent 007 and nothing can hear you.

Try Rule of Thirds feature

One of the simplest ways to capture amazing photos is with the help of Rule of Thirds feature. In essence, this is a grid that will allow you to position the camera properly and to capture all objects or people in perfect alignment. For example, if you want to take a photo of the landscape, align the upper line with the horizon and take a shot.

AF back button importance

Most professional photographers prefer the ability to use focus and taking a photo separately. Being able to do this, allows you to avoid accidental shots or to get insufficient focus. AF back button eliminates the risk and helps you take much better photos. The button can be used for focus only, while you still take photos on the shutter button. In addition, the focus is available on shutter button as well.

Disable DRO/Auto HDR and long exposure

Some of the features should be disabled in order to take better photos. Maybe sounds contradictory, but this is a reality. The two features that must be disabled are DRO/Auto HDR which will reduce the highlights and increase the shadows, making photos look strange and long exposure noise reduction. The second one is more interesting and should be disabled ASAP. In simple words, it makes you take another photo after you have taken the first one. This increases the time needed for a photo and occupies twice as a memory!

Eye AF

Short name for the feature that will certainly help you make better photos. Eye AF will track the subject eyes and take photos correspondingly. There won’t be situations when you miss the eyes and focus the camera on something else. Even better, you can assign a custom button to the feature, so each time you press it, the camera will automatically track down and follow the eyes of the subjects. When you are with friends, Eye AF will help you take photos like a professional.

The bottom line

With these features, all the photos you take will be amazing no less. In other words, these tips will help you learn how to use Sony A6000 in the best way. Despite the fact you are not a professional photograph, your photos will be the same as if they have been taken by one.